How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Last in Urbandale?

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Last in Urbandale?

Chiropractic Urbandale IA How Long Treatment Lasts

Chiropractic First Visit

Are you expecting your very first visit to a chiropractic office in Urbandale? If so, you are highly likely to have plenty of questions regarding what to anticipate when getting adjusted for the first time. Chiropractic treatment on a whole is meant to be a healing, relaxing experience! Yes, your chiropractor will be moving the bones of your spine back in place through motions and movements that might feel and seem strange. However, each phase of the procedure will be explained to you to make sure that you feel empowered and comfortable as a patient!

One of the main questions people have is how long will I need to come in? In all reality, it can vary. On your first visit, you can expect to spend about an hour in the office. On this visit, Dr. Nick will perform a musculoskeletal examination as well as take a full spine radiograph (x-ray) if necessary. Once Dr. Nick has had a chance to review the information from the examination he will have a good idea of how to care for your spine.

How Long Will It Take in Urbandale?

Every person’s spine is completely different as they’ve lived different lives with different stressors impacting their body. Once we have a full understanding of your spinal health we will provide a treatment plan. For subsequent visits, patients can expect to spend approximately 15 minutes in the office.

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